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And The Fat Lady Sings

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Things got a little hectic around here.

The winners of the competition were announced tonight. While I did not win any of the top awards, I did qualify to go on next year to the World Championships. I received an invitation to compete at FISM in Buson, South Korea in July, 2017.

Now I have to figure out how to afford it!

The convention is over and I’m heading to bed. Thanks to all who help me get this far...

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It’s Outta My Hands Now

Well, it’s over. It’s in the hands of the judges now. Things did not go quite as planned. The couldn’t get the MP3 of my music to play at tech yesterday. They re-coded the file and it played. But today in the competition it didn’t play. Something started, I don’t know what, for a second and then silence. My act is completely timed to that music. So when nothing played, I panicked. I just started the poem and started to fear for the worst...

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T minus 55 to Call

In less than an hour I have to be backstage. I’ve got everything packed, costume is ready, and I’m as ready as I’m going to get. Watching the other guys Tech yesterday was amazing. There’s a whole lot of talent in this competition. We’ll see how well I do against truly “the best”.

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Morning & Evening, The Second (official) Day

We draw to a close the second official full day of the convention. I never had a chance to see David Ginn’s lecture because I was in the room packing all of my equipment for the close-up contest technical that was starting right after his lecture. Tech went well. Exceptionally great crew. But it was a long afternoon and into the evening. We didn’t finish up until 20 minutes before the start of the evening Stage Show.

This show was the world stars of magic...

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Thursday Is Going Strong

The morning lecture was David Dibble, the comedic juggler from last night’s Stage Show. It was part performance, part chat, all wonderful.

They just finished up the second half of the stage contest preliminaries.

Chris Randall – 2 rings, manipulation. Nice use of music.

Jaehoon Lim – bird and balls. Young kid, huge hit.

Gwenaelle Ardault – Thurston inspired butterfly act.

Steve Owen – hand shadow act. Very popular.

Nao Murata – young woman with a beautiful theater piece of shadows & manipulation...

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1st Stage Show

Last night’s Stage Show Was a wonderful start to our evenings at the Kentucky Center. The MC was the great Gene Anderson. He also did a slot in the middle of the show featuring “Old Mother Hubbard”. The show opened with a fill in Act. Hiroki Hara had to cancel and so was replaced by the fantastic Jonathan Neal and Liane . They were followed by the very, very funny David Deeble. The crowd then load the classic magic of Michael Goudeau...

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First half of stage contest preliminaries

The first half of the contestants in the stage contest just finished their preliminaries. For the most part, the acts looked great. A few mistakes here and there, and that’s unfortunate, but it happens.

David Gerard & James Hargrave – silent movie usher act into dueling rings. Nicely done.

Eric Buss – the only act that did any talking. Eric used a looper machine to create music he then did magic to. Very well received.

Stuart Macdonald – a haunted room theme with a mirror that doubled everything...

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Wednesday’s Schedule

Here is the schedule for today.


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Now It Begins In Earnest

We officially start the first full day of the convention. Some updates on the competition, as we learned new information yesterday. As noted on an earlier post there are three simultaneous competitions. Each Act is being judged by three sets of judges – IBM, Sam, FISM. For stage there are preliminaries or semi finals today and tomorrow. Of the 14 Acts 7 will go on to their finals Friday night. For close up, my category, there are no preliminaries, no semifinals. We only have the “finals”...

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1 Down

We have ended the first day of the convention. Or at least what they’re considering the day before the convention. We had the Louisville premier of Lance Burton’s movie Billy Topit Master magician. A great film for magicians. A lot like an episode of The Monkees at times. Tonight was also the opening of the dealer’s room. I did a lot of looking, but the only thing I bought was a t-shirt. I wanted an official convention t-shirt, and so I got one.

Going to do some rehearsing of the act before I he...

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