The I.B.M.

When You Join The International Brotherhood Of Magicians…

You’ll walk into a world of entertainment, fellowship ,and fun. You’ll be part of a network of nearly 15,000 magicians who gather at local meetings, attend international conventions and lectures, and communicate through our prestigious magazine, The Linking Ring. Additionally, we have an electronic on-line chapter for daily interaction and updated information via the Internet. Founded in 1922, the IBM is the world’s largest fraternity for amateur and professional magicians, magic enthusiasts, collectors of magic apparatus, or just fans. Membership is open to anyone 10 years and older who has a sincere interest in the art of magic. The organization, governed by elected officers and a board of trustees, is a 501(c)(3) corporation headquartered just outside St. Louis, Missouri. Management on the International level is carried out by individuals who, because of their love of magic, are involved in and promote the magical arts.

Rings (local chapters) allow you to gather monthly with local or visiting magicians to practice the newest magical effects or discuss the latest topics in our art. Enjoy lectures and demonstrations from professional magicians who travel the magic-club circuit. These leaders in the field teach magic that’s on the cutting edge and often sell their own effects, books, and videos. From other members, you’ll learn about magic’s rich history. There are more than 300 Rings worldwide. Membership in local Rings is open to anyone who is a member of the IBM.

Throughout the IBM there are numerous magicians who freely give endless hours conducting their Ring’s business and magic meetings; performing in their Ring shows; or volunteering for magic mentoring programs, “The Healing of Magic” program, and a variety of charitable causes. These volunteers are a vital part of why the IBM has grown from a small correspondence club to a true international organization spanning the globe.

The IBM’s Annual Convention is held in a different North American city each summer, with something for everyone. The dealers’ room showcases what’s new on the magic market. Informative lectures illuminate various aspects of magic. The finest close-up and stage shows feature the world’s best performers. The exclusive Gold Cups and Gold Medal competitions let you watch and perhaps even compete with other magicians from around the world. You’ll meet hundreds of other amateur and professional magicians with whom you can share magic and form lasting friendships.

The official journal, The Linking Ring, educates you about all aspects of magic. Noted performers and writers review the secrets to performing close-up, stand-up, and stage magic. Learn new tricks and ways to improve your presentations. Enjoy reviews of recently released books, tricks, and videos/DVDs. Read exclusive feature stories on magic’s noteworthy personalities and future superstars. The Linking Ring is published monthly with an average of 180 jam-packed pages.

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International Brotherhood of Magicians