Becoming A Member


According to the Ring rules you are allowed 3 visits, after the 3rd visit we ask that you become a dues pay member of ring 252.

International Membership

To be a member of Ring 252 you must first be an active member of our parent organization, the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). You can submit your application online and then pay your International dues. Here is the link

Submit Application Online

You will need two active members of the IBM to sponsor your application. You should have no trouble finding sponsors for your application. When in doubt ask an officer. (Officers)

Local Adult Membership

After your 3rd visit we ask that you join Ring 252. The process is very simple, contact an officer and express your intrest in joining. You will then be ask to perform an 8-10 minute act of at least 3 magic tricks. This performance is not designed to examine skill or polish but to show that you have an understanding of the art and what it does take to perform magic for an audience. If you do not feel confident in your ability to make an 8-10 minute act you can ask for a mentor. (A mentor is an older member of the Ring who helps you to pick your tricks, write patter, and develop showmanship.) After your performance all the members in attendance will vote on your performance. It must be a unanimous vote for you to gain membership. If there is a “no” vote then you will be assigned a mentor to work on your act. However, we find that is often not necessary Ring 252 is proud of it’s record of having all unanimous votes for initiation performances since 2000. Once you are voted in then you are expected to pay your local dues to the treasurer. After that you are a member in good standing and can vote, hold office, and be on committees.

Local Youth Member

Youth ages 7-17 are eligible for “Youth Membership” which is the same as the Adult Membership only youth cannot vote or an hold elected office within the ring. The IBM does provide special youth programs that are designed to help young magicians become better and to also help them meet some of their magic heroes. These special programs are often run in conjunction with the annual IBM Convention.